[MOD] Cyrus The Great Campaign

Cyrus The Great Campaign

Mod, Pers hükümdarı 2. Cyrus'un hayatını,Pers İmparatorluğunun ilk dönemlerini konu alıyor.

Modun başlangıç tarihi Milattan önce 553.

Ekran Görüntüleri

Alıntı:For centuries the powerful Assyrian Empire ravaged the east. Expanding even further and further gaining more land for their great god Ashur. But in 612 BC the alliance of Cyaxares the Great ended their rule, starting an age of peace and rebuild. But the most powerful states in the east got suspicious and mistrusted each other. War is brewing again and a long defeated enemy might return in an other form. In the heart of Asia a rebellion has began against the Median Empire. Persia under the command of Cyrus II seeks to find itself an empire and to crush all those that oppose him. 

This mod transfers you back to 553 BC, the end of the Iron Age. It is an total overhaul on battles and campaign mechanics. Armor and shields are far more important than in vanilla. As in campaign controlling an Empire is challenging. Play as: The Chaldean Empire, The Median Empire, The Lydian Empire, Egyptian Kingdom, the Persian rebellion, Athens or Sparta(more faction will be playble overtime).

Campaign Features
- The normal rome II map is shortend with new provinces and old in diffrent order
- It is 12 years per turn starting in 553 BC
- New use of script mechanics for an intresting gameplay
- New use of technology with script mechanics
- Over more then 100 new units + old with new appearance
- Overhauled general abilities
- An improved AI
- New religions
- New use of armies and garrisons(less armies and stronger garrisons)
- New factions
- New missions 
- Fully compatible multiplayer campaign
- New UI
- New quotes
- and much more

Battle Features
- Fast paced battles for a better feeling of what it was like to be a commander at that time
- Armor now really protects both in combat and against missles
- Missles do more damage but shield block change is increased(if you are hit by an arrow your dead)
- The absolute power on the battlefield at that time where the chariots, they carry that name in this mod;P
- New fatigue
- Expierence is now more foccused on morale then on fighting skill
- All the morale for units is more equal than in vanilla (everyone is afraid of battle)
- and much more
[+] 2 üye Royal Guard nickli üyenin bu iletisini beğendi.

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